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The Club‘s name, Rough Riders MC Family, comes from the legendary Rough Riders Regiment, an élite unit, founded in 1898 by Theodore Roosevelt, who recruited a group of born fighters in the Wild West and drilled them in a training-camp in San Antonia. With this Elite Corps, he succeeded the same year in subjugating the Spanish in Cuba. The Rough Riders MC Family was established in 1976 in Vienna, from where it moved to Berlin and later on to Bonn. In the 80s, Chapters existed in Berlin, Bonn, Wertheim, Hunsrück and Bad Gundersheim in the Harz. In the 90s-00s some more Chapters were founded in France: Ht-Rhin, Savoie, Isère, and Rhône. Today there is only the ROUGH RIDERS MC GERMANY left. All other Chapters were disbanded in the meantime. The Rough Riders MC Family attach great importance to traditions and maintain international contacs regularly, all the way to the USA. In 2021 the RR MC Family is celebrating its 45th anniversary.